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Therapy Session

Deep Trauma Release

1 hour

A treatment created by Dr. Mari Sammis designed to release trauma held at the cellular level in mind, body and emotions. Deep trauma release is a method to overcoming childhood and adult traumas that have affected our way of thinking, feeling, perceiving reality, and recollecting memories. Childhood or adult traumas are painful incidents or events which may result in a particular type of stress on the mind and emotions. This type of stress occurs when the person experiencing the trauma decides not to ever revisit the incident or event as it would be too painful and closes off the experience. This closing off of the experience can be done intentionally, by creating a lie or story around the event that makes it more positive and able to be handled by altering the memory of it, or it may happen unconsciously, by burying the event and forgetting it ever happened. In both processes, intentionally or unconsciously, the intent is to make the event less stressful and less painful. However, closing off the incident or event, changes the brain’s processing mechanism. The brain’s processing system always attempts to move towards optimal mental health. Creating a different version, a complete fabrication or walling off the incident or event completely may begin to “alter" and then "simplify" the mind and personality of the individual. The person resorts to more black and white thinking, reducing the complexities and subtleties that make us unique and individual. Living with traumas is comparable to driving to work one day and encountering a boulder in the road. It wasn’t there the day before, and now it is blocking our drive and we can’t drive through it, so we decide rather than move it, we alter our path and begin to drive around it to work every day. Traumas are these blocks in the road that alter the way we proceed on our path. Traumas, by getting in the way of our thinking, feeling, perceiving and many other mental and emotional functions, can subvert many aspects of ourselves, our vitality, our uniqueness, our personality, and the way we perceive and move forward as individuals in our world. Experiencing Dr. Sammis' deep trauma release can assist you to change your world and begin to live the optimal, joyous, loving life you were meant to live!

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